Jun 23

Get PowerShell on-line help

If you want to go straight to the horses mouth for help with a cmdlet, just type this:


Jun 22

10 tips for better PowerShell functions… (James O’Neill)

Great blog post about how to better write PowerShell functions, sort of a mini Bible for PowerShell. At some point people need to get past the idea that a script or a function only works for one instance. PowerShell works in the old adage of making a script that does one thing and does it right… EVERYTIME. Use some of what James write here to help that become a reality.

James’ blog: http://jamesone111.wordpress.com/
10 tips for better PowerShell functions: http://jamesone111.wordpress.com/2011/04/10/ten-tips-for-better-powershell-functions/


Jun 21

Advanced Automation Using Windows PowerShell 2.0

Hey there,

First post on my very own blog! Of course, what do I do? Give you a like to someone else’s stuff. LAME!

Well, maybe, but this like is a great (advanced) tutorial on PowerShell 2.0 and scripting. I did not know about the tool for making GUIs. I always created the PowerShell GUI by hand, now I don’t have to. This like should also give you an idea of what kinds of things I’ll be posting. Cool computer admin stuff, dev stuff, and boring personal stuff!

I could embed it here and get all the credit, but go to the source!