Exchange 2010 New-MoveRequest and the dumpster

So, you’re migrating from Exchange 200* to Exchange 2010 and you’re using the new fangled “New-MoveRequest.” You might have some questions about the dumpster. You know that thing that if the Admins could just get people to understand it, you would never have to restore from backup except for practice!

If you wanted to find out about New-MoveRequest, you might be tempted to go to the on-line help at New-MoveRequest. But there you wouldn’t find any information about the dumpster itself, only information about the command.

You may then find yourself at Understanding Move Requests which talks about alot of stuff about move requests. You may even find an area that talks about limitations in “Move-Mailbox” (Exchange 2007) which states “The Dumpster folder isn’t moved with the mailbox.” That’s all well and fine, but we want to know about the 2010 Move Request. A few lines down on that same Understanding Move Requests, you may find “Advantages of Move Requests” Where it doesn’t say anything about the dumpster. You might then assume that if it is a limitation in 2007, it must not be a limitation in 2010. And, you’d be right! In Exchange 2010, the New-MoveRequest will move the dumpster…

… if you’re moving from 2010!

If you’re moving from 200*. Sorry, no dumpste for you! Have a look at Troubleshooting Mailbox Moves under “The mailbox dumpster size exceeds the target quota.” A little ways down under “Resolution” you’ll find a line that says “Move requests don’t support moving an Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2007 dumpster to Exchange 2010.” That’s your answer!

Here is a blog entry from that spells this out quite clearly.


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